Thinking of a Law Degree Online? Think Twice About Online Law Schools

3 reasons why you should not attend Online Law School

1. Accreditation and academic standards

As of now, no online law school has the support of the American Bar Association (ABA). This accreditation is essential if you want to take the bar exam. Yes, those who graduate from an online school such as Concord Law School or Abraham Lincoln University School of Law can only take the California Bar exam. Geographically, it severely limits where you can look for work.

It’s no secret. Most of the most authoritative academic institutions, accreditation bodies and employers already question the academic standards of real online schools.

2. 2. The interaction, or rather, the lack of

So, even if you think you live in California, or you feel like the Accreditation Conglomerate is stepping on your dream of attending an online law school, you have to consider that interacting with your peers, in a more tangible environment than not, is something to consider as a factor.

For example, if you want to exercise public law (e.g., defense attorney or prosecutor) you should consider studying at a college or university of brick and mortar. It is my opinion that at the moment the e-learning platform is not on a par with the “real” benefits of mock-trail experience and other essential interactions that you could participate in at a brick and mortar college or university.

3. 3. Career prospects, [yet] or lack thereof

Let us consider the current state of the US economy. There are already countless unemployed or underemployed people in school law. Yes, these are the same people who paid $100,000 or [way] more to get a law degree from a large, ABA-approved, school law. You know, the same boys and girls who will be competing with a law graduate online for that singular position in that progressive law firm located in the city center. Sarcasm aside, it’s a fact that most law firms and reputable agencies will question the integrity of your law degree in bat law.

Before you erase me as an ego-maniac, who claims to go into a huge financial hole to get a law degree, I want you to consider the status quo.

And, that there are law schools with reasonable enrolment rates….. Go around! I didn’t want to let what I running wild.

We love it or hate it, we live in a society where an overwhelming number of people are highly critical, very demanding and very in love with the ideal of excellence. Sprinkle only 10% of this on everything we touch and do every day and that’s your argument of utopia. We live in increasingly desirable times. Competition is fierce and employers want crème de la crème. I need to say more.

Educational reform anyone?

I am an ardent supporter of online education. Heck, I started Online College Report because I’m sick and tired of misinformation out there on the Web; especially from websites that aggressively promote colleges and universities for profit – including colleges and universities for profit. But, let’s digress.

Trust me, I need an online law degree to be a reality . Maybe in the future it will be. However, until we have the right technology connected to the American Bar Association (ABA), the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), the academic system, and employers who openly accept online law school degrees, going to school online will most likely be bad for you.

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What are your thoughts on online law schools?

Would you like to consider getting your law degree in an online law school? Why? Or why not? Comment below.

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