The Expert’s Guide to Getting a U.S. or U.K. Law Degree Online

These days, getting an online law degree may be a wise choice if you want to start a new career, but you are struggling with a busy schedule or you can’t afford to quit your job. If you are aiming to practice law in the UK or the US, there are a few things you should know about what graduation involves and how universities offer law degree courses.

These aspects will help you choose the right distance learning law programme, a choice that suits your learning style, your life situation and your career ambitions.

Large universities and colleges offering online law degree programs
Several universities in the United States and the United Kingdom offer Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Law. Here are some universities that have a variety of programs in law, criminal justice and law studies:

University of Walden
University of Essex Online
London School of International Business
London School of Planning and Management
De Montfort University
The Open University United Kingdom
University of Law
Law degrees in the United Kingdom versus the United States
In the UK, students can undertake a B.A. in law or an L.L.L.B. as a Bachelor or Bachelor degree course. These courses cover subjects in various legal areas: Public law, European Union law, Criminal law, etc. After completing your Bachelor’s degree you need to take a legal practice course, or a one year professional training course (depending on whether the student wishes to be a lawyer or a lawyer).

In the United States, law degrees are treated as professional degrees, aka as a J.D. (Juris Doctor). This allows you to qualify to pass the state exam. For university education, American students are not required to study law, and, in fact, there are often no options for doing so. Some options that you have for a Bachelor of Law-related in the United States are criminal justice studies or law studies. However, most students will enter a J.D. program after graduating in Social Science subjects.

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What makes an online law degree a good online law degree?
There are some important factors to keep in mind when deciding on the right online law degree program to apply for. If you are looking for the best distance learning program, be sure to assess the differences in each of the following categories.

Cost: Several law degree courses online offer cheaper prices, because online training allows universities to reduce some of their own expenses. However, because they have to pay for their online domain and digital resources, students are still required to pay a comparable percentage of tuition fees. Be sure to take a look at the cost of each program you apply for and find out if it is a profitable investment. You can also find several scholarship options that can help you fund your degree program online.

Career prospects: Although a law degree often seems to be an immediate and direct path to a profitable career, this is not always the case. Not all online law degree programs will lead directly to a very lucrative legal career. Examine statistics that measure how many students have managed to find their careers right after completing their law degree online. Use this information to determine if you will actually be able to get into the job you want.

Accreditation: Accreditation is a huge factor in the way you should separate good online programs from bad online programs. If you hope that your online law degree will lead you to a good career and will be recognized throughout the legal community, you will need to ensure that the school is accredited – it has been authorized by a regional or national education and credential authority. This ensures that your diploma will be seen with respect rather than scepticism.

Find the best option for you!
A law degree is not the easiest course of study, regardless of whether you do it online or on campus. But it is also a degree that provides a lot of job security. As a law graduate you can be a useful asset not only in a position of lawyer or judge. You can find work with numerous companies, NGOs and institutions.

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